Monday, April 6, 2009

Malaga 0 Real Madrid 1

This was painful. I watched the first half and thought: this is one of the poorest visiting sides I've seen this year. I really couldn't see a goal coming: from either side. Duda got into some decent positions for Malaga in the first half but his delivery wasn't up to snuff, while Real Madrid huffed and puffed. Higuain broke the deadlock with a very good run five minutes into the second half, but he really shouldn't have been allowed to progress so far: smarter defenders would've got a "professional foul" in at the start of the run. To add insult to injury, Eliseu was fouled at the start of the move. Ah well. The goal changed the game and Madrid had more room to attack a Malaga side obliged to open-up and could have scored a couple more. They are, however, a terrible team to watch and it's amazing they are within six points of Barcelona. It would be a sad day for football if they somehow manage to win this league.

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