Friday, April 3, 2009

The FIFA "Virus."

I love this expression. It's the name given by the Spanish media to the problem of La Liga's big stars going away on International duty and coming back injured, or tired, or in Lionel Messi's case, utterly demoralised. Oddly, the expression is hardly ever used with respect to Spanish players on international duty...

Real Madrid's Marcelo will miss the Malaga game. 1-0 to the virus. Hurray!
Arjen "Man of Steel" Robben is doubtful, but whether this is due to the "virus" is a moot point. Maybe he got a paper cut or something.

Barcelona are away, too, against Valladolid. I would be surprised if Messi starts and Guardiola will probably rest players with the Champions League match against Bayern Munich in mind. At least Real Madrid only have to worry about the "virus" as they are allergic to the Champions League. Did you see what I did there?

So, two potential away day banana skins for the top two and a virus to contend with.
I'll be at the Malaga game, let's hope we can at least take a point from it.

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