Monday, April 13, 2009

Villarreal 0 Malaga 2 Champions? Lets not run before we can walk

I had a hunch Malaga would get something from this one. People, well idiots in the press, are talking about Malaga qualifying for a Champions League place next season. Well I hope they don't because it would be a recipe for disaster. They don't have the resources to fight on two fronts and even a place in the UEFA cup, or Europa League (what a load of shite) as it's now called, would be an incredible strain on resources. Villarreal, who have a far bigger budget than Malaga, have struggled recently for that very reason. Before their 1-1 draw at home to Arsenal they lost 3-0 away to Almería. Malaga were decent, but this was a Villarreal side mentally and physically exhausted after an intense match against an in-form Arsenal.

Here's a nice highlights package. Duda got the first with a nice cut-back after a good ball from Apoño, and Eliseu finished off a breakaway by Albert Luque to make it 0-2. Marcos Senna will miss Wednesday's match with Arsenal. That's a pity. Santi Cazorla will also miss that game and it's difficult to see Villarreal getting a result in London.

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