Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spain still unbeaten: "Bravehearts" smited

Fatih Terim maintains that his side didn't deserve to come away with nothing to show for their efforts in both games against Spain. He's probably right, but the great sides have a knack of winning when not playing particularly well. Winning is a habit, and for Spain it is proving a hard one to break. It's 31 games now without defeat for Vicente Del Bosque's side.

Turkey, for all the "Braveheart" bluster before the match looked like a team in awe of the European Champions. Even the crowd was subdued. They had chances though, but snatched at them. Spain lacked the fluency in midfield that was the hallmark of their triumph in the summer and played in fits and starts. Torres didn't play well, the Alonso/Senna partnership in midfield doesn't work: they're too similar in style and Xavi looked a little lost playing "in the hole." They're the European Champions though, and you get the feeling that teams are beaten before the game starts: Turkey certainly were and I was surprised by their attitude. So who will beat Spain? Answers on a postcard please.

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