Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fatih Terim: "I'm going to put 11 Bravehearts on the field."

Turkey showed some bottle in the European Championships last summer. After losing their first match against Portugal they were immediately on the back foot. In the second group game they trailed Switzerland at half-time 1-0, but scored in injury time to win 1-2. In the final group match they were 0-2 down after sixty minutes but scored three times in the last fifteen minutes to win. In the quarter final they went a goal down in the last minute of injury time against Croatia but equalized a minute later. A devastated Croatia side lost the resulting penalty shoot-out.
In the semi-final against Germany they were severely handicapped by injury and suspension, but it took a goal at the death by Lahm to finally beat them. This is a team with serious balls.

They deserved a point against Spain on Saturday. Yes, Spain were better after the goal, but who wouldn't be? Goals change games, innit?

Turkey manager, Fatih Terim, says he is going to field "11 Bravehearts" tonight. I'd fancy this Turkey side against the English AND William Wallace.

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