Friday, May 8, 2009

UEFA Conspiracy against Chelsea?

It's definite conspiracy and Drogba is a UEFA double agent: the fun and games at the final whistle were but a smokescreen. Márquez is in on it too, and would have played a bigger part only for his injury. Remember the pass to Drogba in the first leg, the only pass Drogba received at the Camp Nou? Did you think it was a mistake? The Drogba we know would have taken that chance nine times out of ten, but he missed. Very suspect. He also missed chances at Stamford Bridge that he'd normally put away. My missus who doesn't really watch football said: "How did he miss that? I would have scored there." "Yeah, Love, but you wouldn't have got into the position." I added sagely. "You're right, Love. Never thought of that."

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