Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ronaldo. No, not the fat one.

According to As, quoting the bloody Daily Mail -you couldn't make it up-, Ronaldo is getting "no protection" from the referees in England. As believes this is the "reality" and "at the same time the perfect excuse to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid."

I don't like Ronaldo. He's too much of a whinger, and what about that pained expression when things go wrong? Eminently slappable. There's no doubting his ability, though. He's fast, can play anywhere across the front, can initiate attacks from deep, is dangerous from set-pieces and is a great header of the ball. Real Madrid is supposedly his "dream move", but things aren't exactly dreamy at Madrid. They're out of the Champions League and although they're only six points behind Barcelona in the league, their football is stone age stuff compared to the leaders. Florentino will be back at the Bernebéu and promises a shake-up, but has he learned from his past errors? Be careful what you wish for, Cristiano.

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