Friday, March 20, 2009

Raúl and la selección

Most people thought the madness surrounding Raúl and the Spanish national side would've ended after the European Championships. Aragonés got rid of Madrid's captain for a couple of reasons. One, he lacked the pace necessary and two, he dirtied his copybook at the 2006 World Cup by causing a fuss when it was suggested that he might have to start some games on the bench: Raúl can't start games on the bench, you know. The 2008 side was a tight unit both on and off the pitch and those not of a rabid pro-Madrid persuasion feel that Raul would be a disruptive influence if he were called-up. His fans in the press keep flogging the same dead horse, unfortunately. While admitting that he is behind Torres and Villa in the pecking order, the fans with typewriters have been pushing for his inclusion for the third stiker's place.

I'm sure Del Bosque won't be swayed by the noises coming from the Madrid press. He just needs to sit tight: the dirty work was done by his predecessor. However, having to listen to this "¡Raúl Seleccion!" nonsence everytime a squad is announced has become pretty tiresome.

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